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How to remove this cover? Yaris 2012

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I have to install (double sided glue) the GPS antenna at the upper right corner of the windshield and then to deploy it's cable to the head unit. I think that the best way to do it is to remove the cover that it's photo I've attached. my concern is that on the cover there is a writing says "srs curtain airbag". since I've never done it before (removing the cover) my worry doing it, taking into consideration that an airbag is involved, could be understandable (even though it was done before when the mobile phone was installed - but not by me). I'll appreciate any guidance how to remove (and reinstall it, of course). please take into consideration that it is a LHD vehicle.

Thanx for your help. 


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You don't need to remove the cover, depending on the size of the cable it can be trapped behind the rubber seal and 'A' pillar cover, run it down past the dashboard then tuck it underneath at the earliest point then onto the head unit.

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As Steven says, Amron. No need to remove it. I have front and rear dashcams, the power cable and coaxial rear feed are easily tucked in behind the top of that trim, each side.

Probably the same may be done with the aerial cable? I think the airbag is situated below the top of that trim piece.

There is a "special"clip low down which needs to be turned through 90 degrees, using long nosed pliers. Just a conventional push in clip(s) higher up. The lower clip is to ensure the trim doesn't fly off in the event of the airbag deploying.

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You may not need to run the GPS up the pillar, when Toyota install nav they install it behind the dash see up to step 5 HERE

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