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2014 Yaris - Has anyone fitted 17" alloys successfully with stock springs and no other changes?

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Hi, I have a 2014 Toyota Yaris h/b which currently has 15" steel wheel with plastic hub caps. I'm wanting to upgrade to 16' 17" inch alloys with low profile tyres (ie:205/40/R17). I'm looking to buy second hand ones since brand new ones are quite expensive and I have a limited budget. I was wondering if the 17" would fit without rubbing on the wheel arches? I did a rough measure of the diameter and it seems little tight but looks okay. Also, can I use the Toyota locknuts that is on the wheels already or do I need to buy locknuts specific for the alloy wheels? Appreciate any advice. 


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Hi, you can of course but you have to calculate correctly the size in the charts so the new wheels fit within the space you have. These 2 websites below will help you do that. 



Check eBay Toyota official store sells oem alloy wheels at competitive prices. 👍

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17" on the mk3 is not a good idea at standard ride high, it will make the car handle like **** and it will cause it to tramline - tires are another issue the low profile will make the ride very hard plus tires are not cheap 195/45

16" are about right, but the ride can be a bit hard

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Depending which country you're in, you also need to ensure the change in wheels and tyres do not contravene the legal requirements of your country re the speedometer over or under reading.

Also notifying your insurer before you make the change would be advisable, so they can agree the modification - bear in mind there may also be an effect on your insurance premium.

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