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Warm start


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I have recently had trouble starting car when engine warm. I have 2005 diesel Rav4 and just lately have problems getting started when engine is hot. Engine turning over but won’t start when warm. . Can sit in car for 10-15 mins then try again and it does start. Any suggestions before I take to garage.

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I've just replied on another thread about this, here's what I said:



I sorted this on mine and the car has worked faultlessly since and I suspect all you need to do is clean the earth leads/connecting bolts. It may seem trivial but from my experience it's the solution. Just be very thorough getting back to bare metal and removing all oxidation so both leads are getting a good contact -ve Battery <-> chassis and chassis <-> engine. 30mins work and free!


If the above doesn't fix the problem you could try the following:

1) Replace the Battery (only do this if the current Battery is quite old)

2) Replace the starter motor - you could even up rate with 2.2kw version but shouldn't be necessary as the car has worked fine for 15+ years with the smaller one fitted in the factory

3) Heat shield the starter motor - probably unnecessary but if you've done everything else what have you got to lose?


Please post back with how you get on for the benefit of others.

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