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What Japanese parts are actually in my Corolla?

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Hi all,

Just an interest I have with my Corolla HB. Are many of the parts (HB system, engine, electronics to name but a few) actually imported directly from Japan and assembled at the UK factory or do the majority come from Europe? I appreciate parts must be sourced across the world but I can’t find anything specific anywhere on the web that explains it. Might sound daft to ask but when people say to me so what made you buy a Japanese car? Strictly speaking, it’s a UK manufactured car owned by a Japanese corporation. Any answers would be welcome. 

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The 1.8 hybrid engine is built by Toyota Deeside and the 2.0 hybrid engine by Toyota Poland.

As regards who owns which brand and where it is built, no different to many models. For example we've owned a Honda that was built by Rover (engine and gearbox by Honda, Swindon and quality assured by Swindon), and a Mazda that was built by Ford, Spain, and powered by a Ford engine.

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2.0 polish made engine, that’s why they are so fast😂👌 

Many parts has stamp where they made but you will need to look close. I guess the bigger components like steering rack, shocks, suspensions parts , air conditioning, air bags, ecu modules, sensors, brakes are Japanese, the wheels are made in Turkey, some plastics are Hungarian or Czech Republic. , at least these are the countries stamped on my car parts that I remember seen while working on. 👍

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In my opinion Hondas built in Swindon were better than those built in Japan. I've owned six Hondas over the years and all but the last were Swindon built. The last one - a Jazz - was the only one that was imperfect. It never failed to get me from A to B but there were numerous niggles and irritations.

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