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How to install a rear view camera on TNS510

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Hi all

First, sorry for my poor english.

I just purchased a Toyota Auris (2010) with a TNS510 radio, I want to install a rear view camera, so after some search on google i found this :

But the problems, this is for switching the camera ON when gear while not in reverse!  I want to switch the camera ON only while gear is in reverse!

Then my english is poor, so I need some clarification.

I did a diagram (find attached files), it is correct?

So, no need to plug wire to the rear beam lamp  ?

Thanks, hope you can help me.




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The diagram you posted is confusing, A quick edit.

The camera will only come on it reverse


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Thanks but I still need some clarification, which cable I should plug into pin 5?




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A 12v that goes to the reverse light, pin 5 in that drawing is an input, so when you select reverse it changes to the camera

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Thanks but I'm not sure I understood correctly, I can plug the red wire like this ?


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