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Check power steering and ABS

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Hi everyone!

I own a 2008 Auris with 1.6 1zrfe engine. Two days ago I replaced rear bearings on my gearbox,  put everything back and test drove the car. Everything was fine. There was no noise when driving in fifth gear which was why I replaced the bearings. Yesterday morning I started the car and there were check power steering and check ABS messages waiting for me on the dashboard. The steering wheel became stiff and the hand on the dashboard was moving between 0 and 20-30 km/h although I was not moving at all. The problem was solved by disconnecting the Battery and main ECU connectors. I drove the car yesterday and today and everything's fine. I watched a video on YouTube with similar symptoms except I was not pulling the steering wheel like the guy in the video and his RPMs go up to 1000 and vehicle is not on. In the comments of the video, translated by Google Translate from Turkish, the guy wrote: "There was a problem with a cable close to the steering wheel, I took it to the service and they took care of it."

Here's the link to the video


I would ask for help in finding the cable or wire and fixing the problem before it happens again, thanks!

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If you never touched that area, i would not bother with it that much. 

The dashboard is connected with just 1 plug, i'ts a flat cable with maybe 10 wires inside of it, gets all the info from the ECU.

All the cables there are loomed, very stiff, and don't move around that much, there is not a single cable, but always few wires bundled.

I replaced EPS module 2 years ago, so had to take the dash out, here's how it looks underneath.

I would not worry about it happening, if the reset worked, you should be fine (i hope you let the car idle for 10 minutes after reconnecting the Battery, to learn idle positions).



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Thanks for a fast reply. I drove it for a while so it had time to learn idle position. Thanks for the photo too. It's not EPS module only. There was Check ABS message too.

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Car needs to idle first 10 minutes, then take it for a drive. The picture is only to show you a general idea of the cables inside, there aren't really loose cables to begin with, that was my point.

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