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MK1 Avensis 1.6 wrong exhaust?

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Hello, I've had my Avensis SE 1.6 for 5 months now and I've loved every second of it, apart from going over speed bumps.

The car is pretty low which isn't the issue as I think the exhaust is either from a different model, completely different or just not fitted correctly.

The clearance of the back pipes to the actual underside of the car is massive and it looks like it's hanging way lower than it should.

I have attached some pictures of the underside of the car showing the exhaust at the backbox to the middle muffler and the middle muffler. Apologies for the brightness of the pictures, I can get other ones if need be but this was the best I could do right now. 

If any help can be given that would be fantastic.

Thanks a bunch!




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It does look a little low. Is your car the leanburn 4A-FE engine or the VVTi ? Just asking in case I am wrong, but the exhaust looks like the leanburn version, similar to my old 1.8 leanburn. I think the rubbers have either stretched or failed.

Here is my old post - 


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