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changing rims and tyres

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Hey !
So i always wanted to change my rims and tires on my little 2009 aygo;
I'm thinking about putting Japan Racing JR-9 15x7" 4x100/108 ET20 on it, normally will fit 
does anybody know what the max rim width is ? 7" should be fine with such a ET

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Use a tyre fitting website to check what effect your proposed wheel/tyre combination, has on the speedometer in case the change breaches the speedometer legislation in your country (ie the percentage the speedometer can over-read or under-read).

Have you floated the proposed change, which may count as a modification, past your insurer.

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Thanks ! The tires i have aren't speedometer friendly, he is 10% "underspeed" ? (under the real speed) so i'll be looking to those websites to try and "correct" it (maybe not the best way but if it works it ain't dum)
Plus i don't really like my steelies so ...

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