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2006 Corolla 1.6 VVT-i

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Hi, I have recently bought a 2006 Corolla 1.6 VVT-i and am generally very pleased with it.

I noticed the other day that if I thrash it in 3rd and then change up I get a rhythmic sort of noise - initially I thought it was the road surface but it goes away after a while.

If I accelerate to the same speed gently I don't get the noise - any ideas what it could be?

I don't know if it is relevant, but before I bought it the car was stood for several months.  It doesn't use any Oil and there are no mechanical noises(bangs, knocks etc) from the engine which has only done 52000 miles.

Thanks in anticipation, Pete

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Well we have the same motor and I usually give it a good "thrash" in 3rd gear going uphill on a motorway slip road  to really open it up to 6000rpm  but do not get any such noise.

Could be so many parts, clutch, brakes, or any of the devices attached to the aux belt, it kind of suggests some bearing is a little on the dry side and does not like being suddenly taken to high revs ?

You could do an engine and a gearbox Oil change to ensure its nothing internal, otherwise have a feel for bearing wear on the aux belt devices, including the idler pulleys.

Worth checking the wheel bearings and also that the brake caliper pads and pistons are good and free.

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Thank you - it is going in for a service in the next few weeks so I will ask them to check it out.  It sailed through the MOT so hopefully nothing too bad.

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