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Wanted: 3rd gen (95-01) Hilux Surf or 4Runner seats (original or alternative)

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for having me here. I'm the happy owner of a 1996 4Runner (aka Hilux Surf in this country) sporting the fantastic 5VZ-FE 3.4L V6 who's been following me in about 12 countries before reaching England. It's sometimes a bit of an adventure however to find parts around here, as I'm yet to see any other 4Runner or a V6 Surf on the road.

And now, after a bit more than a year on the English roads, I'd like to finally put back some seats on!

I only have the front fabric seats (back seats were removed in the US for a camper conversion), and would like to get a full set (front and back), in leather if possible. Did anyone spot or does anyone own something interesting? 🙂

Alternatively, do you guys know of any alternative seats to swap to, with good comfort, minimal modifications needed to fit, and a bit more availability? I've yet to see any other 4Runner or V6 Surf on the road (not that the engine will matter for this particular search 😉 )


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Thanks, I've been in touch with this shop but no leather available. I'll edit my message to remove "if possible" on the leather mention.

Edit: apparently I can't edit the original message. so it should read "in leather if possible". Thanks! 🙂

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Thanks, also in touch with this seller and apparently he doesn't have anything in stock that matches (had a few months ago but got sold)

(note: the L and most N reg are 2nd generation -KZN130-, mine is an early 3rd gen -KZN185- also N reg)

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😄 Same seller, it's a listing from a year ago, unfortunately. I think I got eBay relatively well covered. Thanks for looking though.

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