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ep81 1.3i steering wheel loose after alignment

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Ill keep short.

Ive a standard 12V 1.3 75hp starlet. I put lowering springs in. all was well. I got an alignment and all of a sudden the wheel is very loose and i dont feel the road as well as i used to. It felt exactly how id imagined a change in caster to feel. however You cant even change the caster. Im now hours away from that shop with my car so i cant just bring it back easily, im busy. In another shop i was told it has to be my springs as toe couldnt change how stiff the wheel feels.

I used to feel when the caster was overcome, its manual steering. now i barely can. Like id nearly swear its caster but apparently it cannot be.

Id kill to shed some light on this and also i want my car feeling how it used to.

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