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Hi. Apologies if the answer is somewhere on the site already but I am failing to find it.

Does anyone know if the wiring on a 2010 Yaris is CANBUS or not?

I want to wire a piezo beeper into each rear light so that I can hear if the indicator has not auto cancelled and I have failed to notice the light flashing, which is not in line of site.

Also anecdotally someone mentioned to me that Toyota produced a bleeper that is more audible and can be retrofitted. Does anyone know of this?

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Why the rear lights ? an easier point would be the hazard switch, be aware that the stalk is a negative switch

I'm not sure if anyone makes a flasher relay with sounder for the Mk2 Yaris

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Thanks. I'll put this idea to my electrician friend. I did try to get the covers off behind the wheel. Gave up. Very hard to get them back too.


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It looks like its BCM controlled, all you need is 1 sounder, 2 diodes and a bit of wire if the indicators flash fast/slow it may need resistor(s) as a ballast


p90 hazard.pdf

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Thanks Bob. I will pass this to my electronics minded friend.

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