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Passenger side rear wheel negative camber

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Hi guys,

I recently noticed a negative camber on my passenger side rear wheel. The camber looks around 5-10 degrees. The driving still feels the same.

I did get an advisory on my MOT test recently if that helps:

Rear Axle swivel pins and bushes swivel pin and/or bush slightly worn both sides (5.1.2 (b) (i))

Could it be realated to the MOT advisory or is it something else?

Thank you.

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The camber on the rear wheels is approx  negative 1 degree, there is no adjustment available.

5 -10 degrees is excessive but so would tyre wear and the mot inspector should have noticed that  if present ?

As you can see from the pic below there are only 2 main bushes for the rear axle beam that could affect any angles. Major job to fit nw bushes !

Would 'slight wear' in those bushes cause  a  noticable visual problem with the camber ??

It could be that the whole beam or the bracket that the hub bolts onto has been damaged /bent or someone might have used some spacers between the bracket and axle  to change the camber ?

Best thing is get a garage with the alignment equipment to check all four wheels for you.

You can do a simple basic check yourself with one of these cheap  Camber Gauges, you also need a decent spirit level in the vertical to set it up, detail on ytube.






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 5 to 10 degrees would be difficult to miss, and the resultant uneven tyre wear would be obvious and have the tread down to the canvas in no time at all. As Oldcodger suggests you need to get the alignment checked properly. Potholes and other types of impact can cause havoc with geometry

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