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Hi all

not sure why I have not joined previously but its great to see such an inclusive club.

I have an issue with a 2013 GT86 that started a few weeks ago after being stood through lockdown, We went to run the car up and it would not start so I had it checked locally and a low Battery was diagnosed, a new one was ordered and fitted but the vehicle still refused to start with the RED LOCK flashing on the dashboard, next new key fob batteries were placed in both keys and they were tried separately still no change.

i then quit and booked the car in with my local Toyota main dealer, this proved difficult as the steering lock was stuck on so winching it on and off the trailer proved eventful.

Long story short although booked in for a specific day the vehicle languished at the dealer for three weeks with me constantly chasing them for any level of news finally after 3.5 weeks I have been told the immobiliser ECU is at fault and it is £2833.45 to replace it.

i appreciate this is an 8 year old car that has covered 30k but I am truly shocked.

Question 1

has anyone else out there had GT86 Immobiliser failure

Question 2

is it possible to remove or program out the immobiliser

Any help or information will be gratefully accepted

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  • FROSTYBALLS changed the title to GT86 immobiliser

Hello Lorne - welcome to Toyota Owners Club.

Topic moved to the GT86 club with link left in Members Introductions.

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I take it has smart entry and push button start ?

Can you get the lights on the dash ?

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Hs the vehicle got a keypad in the glovebox that might need the PIN code entering if it is immobilised?

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I got my 86 from a Toyota main dealer. I was never given a PIN for the keypad in the glovebox and the dealer did not know how to apply to have it. The keypad was fitted to all UK models. I just hope i am never locked out by the immobiliser or i am in big trouble.

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The Multi Function Keypad is located within the glove/storage compartment found on the passenger side
of the vehicle.
Your alarm system is supplied with two foil stickers that show the systems unique pre-programmed Personal
Identification Number (PIN) and serial number
. These should be kept in a safe place. The PIN is required
to override the alarm system in the event of Smart Key loss or failure.


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