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2009 rear brake issues

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Have 2009 Auris tr, 

 Back brakes seem to be sticking for to a point where my caliper stuck the pads to the disk, replaced calipers, new brake lines only put on aswell and still sticking only when moving off after been sitting over night. Any ideas what could be causing problem.

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Cable sticking, slider pins sticking in the carrier. Pads can stick to the discs with damp overnight, so it depends on the level of "sticking" If it's just a slight clunk when you first set off it could just be the pad sticking to the overnight corrosion. What is the condition on the discs & pads?  

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New callipers and rubber hoses, perhaps sliding pins are cleaned and lubricated properly., rubber boots out, cleaned with rotary brush inside, small amount of silicone grease applied and all put back together? Sliding pins does cause trouble on Auris when they are stuck or too much lubricant used. 👍

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