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Struggling with gen 6 Celica GT power steering pump removal

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Has anyone done this? Removing this pump is ruining my life, it is in the worst position imaginable, and access is a nightmare. So far I've removed the lower mounting bolt including the bracket stay and a high pressure banjo I reached from the top if the engine bay. If I could remove the pulley then I wouldn't be so miserable about getting to the upper mounting bolt, but even removing the pulley is proving hard. I've tried wedging pry bars and screwdrivers to prevent the pulley from spinning and stacking spanners together to increase my leverage to crack the bolt free and nothing is working.



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Ok so I just tried again after coming here to rant and I actually managed to remove it lmao. I guess I can do a write up and explain how I got it out, maybe it will be useful.

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