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I( have two alternators that require attention. The alternators packed up, perhaps require new brushes or such. Light on while driving and no charge to Battery.

I know there is a repair place near Milton Keynes, the name eludes me. 

Does anyone know where I can send alternators for a reasonable repair.

Would keep one and give other to any  Toyota owner who has an Avensis charging problem (not a gift to dealers or for resale)

Would deliver one free to anyone within striking distance to Luton Bedfordshire if I can get both fixed


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I know places near me in South East London/Kent, but why don't you Google local places in your area and ask for quotes. When my starter on my old Mk1 packed up many years ago, I removed it and cycled to my local refurbishers. There

Off subject, I checked your other posts and from that I think you have a very late T25 (Mk2) 1.8 VVTi registered in 2009. My car is a very early T27 Tourer TR 1.8 Valvematic, registered January 2009, so a 58 plate. So both our cars are Avensis 2009 TR, but I put Valvematic to show my car is a T27, though I will add T27. Anyone seeing your profile without knowing, will think you car is a T27! May be you should add T25, as I just updated my profile to T27. 

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