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2016 RAV4 Detachable Towbar

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Does anyone know of a detachable tow bar you can get for a 2016 RAV4 where the hitch part is hidden when not in use? Most of the towing hitches look awful and stand out like a sore thumb! I only need the tow bar for a bike carrier which I already have.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Thanks satts67 for the link. Ive checked them out but theyre hitch is similar to all the others where you have to cut the bumper and looks quite unsightly when not in use. I was hoping I could get the one that they do which folds down, but it is unavailable for my model RAV4.

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I reversed quite hard into a short post the other day as my sensors aren't working. My ugly swan neck hit it square on and saved me from a new bumper and tailgate.

Rav4's aren't exactly the best looking vehicles anyway, they are a tool to be used imho.

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Oh dear, atleast your towbar got the brunt of impact!! Ive only just got the Rav4 which is quite a decent spec as its the revised model with the LED lights and a few mod cons and does look the part. I just didn't want an ugly towbar ruining the look of it, but after seeing all the towbars available it doesnt look like their is much choice tbh. Like you say though they are a tool to be used. 

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