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rear window defroster not working Help

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hi all 

I need a little help the rear defrosting copper connector detached it self from the window on the one side and the whole heating element has stopped working.

i have the 2008 Aygo Platinum is it a common fault and is there a way to fix it or do i have to buy a whole new back window?

i have tried to solder it back on and no luck just falls back off. 

any help much appreciated thanks 






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11 minutes ago, The Blue Monster said:

so nobody has never had this happen to there car at all. 

is there not anybody who knows what i can do to solve it???

Does seem to be a relatively rare occurrence, and, as with any forum, responses are dependent on who accesses the club since the topic was posted.

There is an old topic that may be of help - 


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Have you thought of trying a two step fix?  Instead of fastening the wire to the screen, try fixing a clip to the screen on its own and then attach the wire. 

If your clip fix is making a correction but is not strong enough to bear the weight of the cable there might be two things you could try, beside FBs suggestion.  Fasten the clip to make the electrical connection and then use a glue to reinforce it, araldite say*.  Then make sure there is no strain on the cable. 

*Different task but I once made an araldite strap. Araldite, a piece of tape embedded in the glue, glue applied over the strap.  This made a very strong bond that resisted vibration. 

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iirc this happened on a few bugs years ago, not mine, but remember those owners glued it back on, think you can get some special electrical contact glue, but as said think some got away with using strong contact type glue.

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We had this happen on ours. Its very difficult to fix the copper piece back onto the screen. I cut the connector off and tinned the wire heavily with solder so its almost dripping off. I cleaned up a small patch on the element with wet/dry back to the copper and blobbed a bit of solder onto it. Blow on it to rapidly cool. I then put the tinned wire in position and rested the soldering iron on the wire until the solder melted on the screen bonding the 2 together. Blow on it to cool down and be careful not to over heat. I then covered the new connection and a short length of the wire in Araldite to bond to the screen and to stop it flexing and pulling away. Ours has been fine since.

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