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2021 Highlander as tow vehicle for Bambi 16

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We ordered a Airstream Bambi 16 RB for family road trip adventures


. We don't have a TV yet and trying to decide on one that will work for us to tow the Bambi.
We are looking for a SUV that will be the regular family car in & around town and also double up to tow the Bambi when needed.
The usual trips we would take are 2-5 days within a 1000 miles round trip. There are hopes to do cross county trip as well from CA to MA.

We are considering a 2021 Highlander XSE (3.5L V6). The GVWR for the Bambi is about 70% of the tow capacity of the Highlander. With some water in the tank and some luggage we should be within the 5000 lbs capacity.

The Bambi has a GVWR of 3500 lbs with a Hitch Weight (with LP & Batteries) of 430 lbs.
The 2021 Highlander has a tow capacity is 5000 lbs and tongue weight capacity of 500 lbs.

Anyone have experience with using the Highlander as a TV for their trailer, short or long term?
Or are we just better off going for something like a Tahoe? We re trying to balance the towing requirements with overall use in & around town.
(FWIW, we do plan to put a WD hitch, brake controller and associated safety sway control gear)

Any info, tips, comments greatly appreciated.



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Toyota Owners Club is UK based, and the Highlander has just gone on sale in Europe this month, so owner feedback may be limited.

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