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2010 Auris 1.6 SR High Beam Light


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First post hope someone out there has an answer.

Recently bought 2010 Auris1.6 SR and have a few niggly problems

1) Indicators not working taken back to dealer who cleaned contacts in stalk and all ok

2) This is the one to give problem. First time driving at night all lights worked OK however no High Beam light on dashboard (apologies to anyone dazzled on the way home by mistake). Tried light switch in morning hey presto dashboard High Beam light lit also when used flasher all ok. Tried later in day no High Beam Dashboard light arranged with dealer to drop off and look at. 2 days later picked car up High Beam Dashboard light ok told had changed stalk for different one (don't think new one but not sure) drove 4 miles home tried again no High Beam Dashboard light phoned dealer and explained told would get back to me, Next morning tried lights High Beam Dashboard light came on ok, Later in day car not driven High Beam Dashboard ight not lit. Spoke to local Toyota dealer said very strange and had not come across problem like it. Tried lights this morning High Beam Dash lit ok. Again car not moved or driven today went out tonight when got dark turned on lights low and behold no High Beam Dash light all lights etc work ok. Will try again in morning and contact dealer but anyone any ideas?

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There have been multiple threads of LED's on dash dying out, indicator ones, tachometer ones, etc, it's not uncommon.

Mostly they seem to be from 2009 until 2012, atleast from what i saw.

Could be the LED on the dashboard just needs replacing, but those usually also flicker when they are about to die.


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