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Toyota rav4 xa20 d4d 116ps vs petrol 150ps

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Hello to all! I live in Bulgaria and I'm gonna buy a rav 4 2005 manual.I can't find information about the difference of speed of 2 engines.Which one runs more d4d or petrol in the highway?I know that the d4d has a turbo that mena thats more fast 😳

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RAV’s aren’t fast, if that’s what you are looking for, I suggest you’re looking at the wrong cars.

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This seems a rather 'odd' question, but according to the specs (available on the Internet):

A 4.2 2.0 VVti - Power = 147 bhp; Top speed = 115 mph; Torque = 192 Nm; 0-60mph = ~10.4 seconds; Economy = 32 mpg

A 4.2 2.0 D4D - Power = 114 bhp; Top speed = 106 mph; Torque = 250 Nm; 0-60mph = ~11.7 seconds; Economy = 39 mpg

So the petrol is, on paper, marginally the faster and more thirsty of the two. Obviously the figures vary somewhat with the different models and relate to the cars when they were new rather than 15 years old ...

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Performance differences are minor.  What you should be asking about is reliability.  The petrol is definitely more reliable, especially at 16 years old.

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