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2012 IQ 1.33 VVti Gearbox compatibility

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Hi all,

The car has suffered a major gearbox failure including cracked casing at 85000 miles after a clutch replacement 2000 miles ago.

I am trying to source a reasonably priced replacement gearbox including via wreckers/recon garages and am wondering if other similar Toyota small car variants of the same period with the same  1NR-FE engine option ie the Yaris use the same gearbox.

Any ideas as this would open up a wider pool to source a replacement.



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iirc the bell housing is different on the IQ, tbh you need to id the gearbox from its markings/data tag

A quick look there was a change over from 05/12, both EE63 6 speeds

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Thanks flash22,

my garage will have to do that work. Do you know exactly where the markings/data tag can be found?

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  • Devon Aygo changed the title to 2012 IQ 1.33 VVti Gearbox compatibility

The gearbox in IQ is unique as to fit and package the car the gearbox is effectively back to front, on conventional 1.33 models the differential on the gearbox comes of the back the the gearbox and sits between the gearbox and bulkhead IQ flips this and the differential sits forward of the gearbox.

You will need a 1.33 IQ as a donor but any age will fit, the newer the better as improvements were made over time and all early boxes superseded upto the latest spec 


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Thanks Lee

So that narrows the pool!

So in line with flash22's comments that there was a change from 05/12 and your comments - do all the IQ 1.33 boxes - transaxle assembly (correct name ??) - have the same part number? Do you know what it is and where on the housing you find it? Sorry to be dumb about this - learning quickly re gearboxes but not that quick!

One place has thrown this at me - does this look likely - the first half a gasket etc set, the second the assembly?       EC66 30300-52640 / 30300-0D120

Thanks for your help, anything I should be particularly careful looking for in my search...?

If the car wasn't suffering from some urban use bumps, scrapes and a roof that is shedding its pearlescent coat I would be tempted to go for a full rebuild option however at £1300 approx inc VAT that seems a step too far hence a reasonable used unit search

Regards, Peter

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30300-0D120 is a yaris gearbox, the IQ uses EE63, The gasket set is for a rebuild


05/2012 -05/2014 - 30300-74050 (Subs) 30300-74090




Have you phoned around to see if you can get yours rebuilt ?


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Bob

Thanks for the info I have just seen your posting today after a week of not looking as I thought we had this sorted for my son with a local gearbox /transmission company here in Wiltshire who said they had a casing to replace our wrecked one plus repairs where necessary but despite all the info given, when we delivered the broken gearbox the replacement casing turned out to be for a 5 spd not the 6 spd reqd.

So now we are on the hunt again - both of your links we had narrowed down to already with the 2nd a little negotiable on price but a 1 month guarantee. Probably going to go with that unless something extraordinary pops up.

Rebuilds were looked at but we do not have an exchange casing so everyone wants a surcharge on top of a mid-£800's + VAT just for the unit  then £400 + VAT for the removal of old and installation of the replacement box.

Thanks again for your reply

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It's just a case of looking if you search "IQ Breaking" there are usually a few about

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