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2007 yaris 1.8 sr sport zsp90r

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I own a 2007 yaris 1.8sr sport. I'm trying to find out if the xp9 and xp9s version of the 1.8 full suspension is the same as for the zsp90r version? Thanks in advance 

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A quick look on the epc shows its specific to the 1.8, heavier engine so up rated springs and shocks - also some cars have uk spec changes done to them at the port compared to other markets, so items like the springs will be UK specific and only listed by a UK main dealer

All the 1.8's are Jap built, ZSP90R - The R on the end is for Right hand drive

All the 1.8 models


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Many thanks for your reply. Basically I've found a vogtland full suspension kit which is from Germany. I have vogtland suspension kits on my vw t4 and mk2 golf and cannot fault them. The seller says the kit fits the Xp90 version of the 1.8 yaris, so I'm struggling to see why it won't fit mine as its same year. Mine has already had the uprated suspension from factory which dropped it 35mm  and this kit says it will drop 35mm too. Sorry for my ignorance on this matter, I am not a mechanical minded person to be honest, lol. 

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The ZSP90 is the model code, ZS is the spec - P90 is the model in this case a mk2 - X is used when the Spec is non-specific

As the car is factory lowered fitting the Vogland kit it will be at the same ride height but will stiffen it up tbh a car of its age the bushes are past their best

Fensport and DC performance list plenty of items for the 1.8

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