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2018 Aygo auto lights not at rear

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A family member has bought a 2018 Aygo and when the lights are switched to auto, only the front are illuminated. This was only picked up when another road user alerted my relative that there were no lights on at the rear. 

im not familiar with Toyota, but on my cars, I always have the lights set to auto and this triggers front and rear, as you would expect. 

My relative now has to switch the lights to manual in order to light up the rear.  

Im fairly sure this isn’t right, but as the car was purchased from a main Toyota dealer I would expect them to have checked it over and so want to be sure before I recommend they bring this to the attention of the dealership. 


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Daytime running lights (DRL) are only required by law to be at the front. Our previous 2 cars with auto lights (an Audi RS4 and a Skoda Octavia) do this - or did until I used my VAG diagnostics lead to change the settings. I'm not aware of any way to change the DRL settings on the Mk2 Aygo.

What happens when it gets dark and the auto setting turns on the headlights, do the rear lights then come on?

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Was your relative informed that the rear lights weren't on when it was dark?

If not it could be this other person may have been confused by the daytime running lights being on. Legally daytime running lights only need to be on at the front - as they are intended to make other road users aware of your vehicle approaching. Although a few cars have the rear lights on as well during daylight.

Auto lights will be operated by a light sensor, and will automatically turn the headlights/rear lights on when they detect a reduction in light outside. When the headlights/rear lights come on, whether under the auto setting or manual setting, the daytime running lights will go out.

So further information is needed - or you need to try the various settings with your relative.

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the 2018 facelift means that aygo daylight running lights are in the headlights casings. So it depends on what level of aygo your relative has. At the moment, the Xclusive only has auto headlights. I have an X play 2020 with the post 2018 facelift and I still have to turn my lights on manually when it gets dark.

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