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Avensis 2009 - EPB and VSC Error

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I have a 2009 Toyota Avensis - 1.6 Petrol and currently having the following problems:

- Check Parking Brake System Light is on

- Check VSC System

- Car struggling to pick up speed (barely can do 30-40mph) 

I took the car to a garage who said its a electrical fault so took it to a auto electrician and they said I need to change the valvematic part of the engine (~£250 from scrapyard?).

Just wondering if anyone else had this problem and if so what their solution was.


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The Check Parking Brake System and Check VSC System message comes on for every engine fault. Why? I dunno!

You need to read the DTC from the OBD2 port.

The car is in "Limp" mode.


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There is a topic wich looks like similar problem than this.

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The EGR valve on mine caused the same symptoms, and warning lights/messages. This was confirmed by removing and cleaning the valve eliminating the issue. Cleaning the sticky egr also regained some performance. worth a try

I believe there is a wide spread ecu issue with this family of models where problems result in the erroneous park brake and vsc warnings. In the internet research where i discovered this issue I found it being reported world wide.

The issue occurred and disappeared sporadically between 100,000 miles and 130,000 miles. Toyota Service Centre had no idea when asked repeatedly. In the final episode it happened every time I accelerated hard. I've done another 40,000 since problem free.

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I assume the auto electrician has pro level diagnostic equipment to the level of Techstream or Toyota garages. Were codes given and possible causes. If you can get the part replaced, then give it a try. Most of the Valvematic faults I am aware of, seem to happen with Auris and Avensis 2010/11. I have been fussy about the grade of Oil used, 0W/20 and regular Oil changes.

Just like any faults, it can be random, plus only a few cars will have the fault, whilst most have no issues at all.  

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