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Got the 2008 petrol auto

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Finally got the rav from a friends friends, it has a few cosmetic scrapes 😊which I knew all about more seems to appear the longer I have it, she did describethe bodywork as ruff but mechanically sound, she was 2 nd owner and owned it since 2012

the silencer is missing off the exhaust just passed mot,  but was listed as a advisory, but looking at getting a stainless exhaust from the cat down centre and back quoted £480 or £345 for a mild steel 2 yr guarantee, decisions

it was in need of tyres so have put on general grabbers AT3 and don’t notice any difference to noise, 

only one key she lost one so have ordered one from dealer, they negotiated on price so was £125 inc programming, so thought that was fair just needs to arrive

all of the above was reflected in the price, It’s got 83kmile on where I live it will probably get a few more knocks but it seems mechanically sound. Bonus it has leather interior which helps, she can’t recall where she put the parcel shelf but will look at for a cheap one.

I know it be a fuel guzzler  averaging around 28mpg with the general grabbers on , just getting used to the gadgets while it’s a old car it’s still new for me, have done over 500 mile with it and no warning lights on yet😉 keep looking at the temp guage

ground clearance isn’t as good as the L200 but seems to be getting me home ok, god the black does attract the dust, looks like I’ve been through the Sahara desert😳



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