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Auris Hybrid 2012 Fan Filter Cleaning tips

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How should clean hybrid Battery fan filter on right of passenger side. My Auris hybrid is 2012 1.8...

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Filters were not fitted until late 2014 so unless you have had a filter added there won't be one. Without a filter there is grate leading to a tube with a fan at the end this will likely be full of fluff/lint:


You will need to strip the tube and fan down clean it out being careful not to over spin the fan, once clean you can add a filter over the intake grate:

MK1 2010 - 2012 Auris - G92DH-12020


MK2 2012 - 2014 - G92DH-12010



With the add on filter you just pop it off and remove the captured fluff/lint

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you will need to clean the fan instead as explained on the previous post., it’s not a very difficult job, you will need a plastic clip remover tool, and also you will need to undo the bolts of the rear seats backrest folded down, that’s pretty much. You can watch video for Prius and follow but take into account slightly different layout of the plastic trim and seats. 


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