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Serpentine belt tensioner replacement - 2003 Rav4 Mk2 1.8

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 Hi Guys


I stripped the moulded bolt on the tensioner whilst replacing the S belt . Had to get crafty and jack an iron rod up from underneath the car and onto the bottom rear of the tensioner to release it in order to fit the new belt. The real question is how do you replace the tensioner itself (entire unit)? The bolt holding the tensioner to the block is too long to be removed. It hits up against the engine wall.

Can anyone advise me how this is done. Hopefully the engine doesn't have to be lifted?

Many thanks

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Get the whole unit loose first. Bolt should come out with it as a whole. I know it isnt a Rav but you get the idea, it is tight though as you say.

and no you wouldn't have to lift the engine for such a simple job.


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