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Starting Issues - Cranking but reluctant start

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Hey team,

Looking for some insight on what has been a strange starting issue developing over the past two months. I have a 2008 Rav4 D-4D. 115000m. Essentially, when the key is turned the engine may sometimes take three or more cranking attempts before it erupts into life. Normal starting procedure here, wait for glowplug light, foot on clutch etc nae rush happening from my end. Driving is normal and grand, sometimes a wee flutter when idling but otherwise swell. When turned off, and restarted again WARM, the problem isn't there.

Now, i think I've ruled out the Battery. Its a new decent Varna that gives me good CCA readings, cables well attached. All fuses are in one piece.

 I've replaced the glowplugs AND the fuel filter in the past fornight (something to do eh) but the problem is still with me. The diesel I use is the decent stuff out the esso.

I'm still a little stumped. I thought I HAD IT when i saw how knackered the old plugs looked but nooo. 

I have a few more unfounded suspicions, but looking here for some much needed HELP AND WISDOM.


Please mull over and question away




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