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Clutch, How to change clutch on Avensis 2010

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Hi. Any one here who knows how to change a clutch? on a 5480 Toyota
2010 model.

If so I would need a very detailed how to do description, which describes every step of the process. 

I would be forever grateful for this information. I borrowed my car to my mother, who uses the clutch to god knows what. After two months of her use of my car (January 12- March 22) my clutch is hopeless. I’m not an experienced driver and this causes me to “strangle the car” (as we say in my mother language) often and reputedly. 

I have an hobby mechanic who can change the clutch for me, he says he only need to take a look to judge if he can or not. But if he can’t on this “new” Car maybe a detailed how to description could change his mind. 

I can barely afford the clutch part cause my car found haven’t had the time to grow. But my hobby mechanic can do the work for free as long as I pay the part, and he feels totally comfortable with the process of changing the clutch. 


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I haven't done clutch replacement to T27 Avensis, but i think it's not a lot different task to do than older FWD cars (if Your mate has done it to older car before). Of course there is more things around gearbox to remove, but the basic idea should be same. You should replace flywheel also when You change clutch (in some clutch kits includes also a flywheel).

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I got my clutch changed by a clutch specialist, via the mechanics I use. My car is 1.8 Valvematic. What engine is your car. It is not an easy job, since the gearbox is 6 speed, and the slave cylinders on petrols are concentric internal, so should be replaced as part of the job! If diesel, the dual mass fly may need to be replaced, which again is advisable. Both are not cheap, but the diesel is far more expensive. 

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