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Battery Charging Issue

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Hi, I have a 1997 Toyota Corolla which is puzzling me at the moment. Recently when I put the headlights on they are dim and warning lights come up on my dashboard. 

It has had a new fan belt as the other one snapped. I have taken the Battery unit out of the car and used it in a Nissan Primera 2.0 and it was fine so don’t think it’s the Battery. Have called the AA twice with both times saying it’s the alternator that’s failing. However I have put two different new alternators in and still have the same issue. Also have had a look at the fuse box and can’t see anything a miss.

Any suggestions?


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Check all the earth connections 

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As @Rosgoe says, you need to check the Earth connections.

From the Negative terminal of the Battery there will be al least two thick cables, one going down to the side of the bodywork or wing and the other so somewhere on the gearbox.  You need to undo the bolts can check and clean the terminal and metalwork.  Disconnect the Battery before doing any such work !

You do not mention any Voltage check that may have been done on the car ?  You can do them yourself with a cheap meter, a lot  better than just putting expensive parts on.  How old is the Battery ?

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