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I signed up to join the forum using my primary email account almost a fortnight ago & am still awaiting approval. Any idea how long this should take or do I need to re-apply?



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Not sure what you mean.

Have you applied for Premium membership? If so, it can take a couple of weeks or so to receive the Halfords discount card, etc. This doesn't prevent you from posting on the forums.

If you have registered as an  Ordinary member, you can post on the forums within a few minutes.

There is no approval process as such.

Please clarify.

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I signed up using my primary email address almost a fortnight ago & received a message saying "Awaiting Approval". I then tried to sign in tonight & received the same message.

To post this topic I've had to sign up again using another email address &the forum has let me post now. I can use my secondary email address I just thought it a little strange

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