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Avensis 2016 mass air flow

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Hi I've a2016 2Litre avensis 150k miles 

Autoparking break light comes on and break warning , put  fault reader on clear fault n we back to normal.

However I'm told the reason for this is the mass air flow sensor, so I bought a Bosch one of eBay a few months ago, it's not corrected the issue, it was a used one i assume it cost 35£ only 


Very occasionally car will lose power, so I just put fault reader on and it resets everything


But I'm thinking I really should get sorted, any ideas on where I can get mass air flow senser from at the right price and could I be wastng money since I've already put a different one on which may or may not be faulty.     Thanks a lot 









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I think you need to use a higher level diagnostics, to see if there is something deeper causing the fault. Does your diagnostic do live data? From information you have provided, you have the (BMW) 1WW diesel. I suspect there is a leak on the induction side, from the airflow sensor, the ducting, turbo, intercooler, throttle body, EGR and inlet manifold. The airflow sensor both the original and Bosch replacement are probably giving the correct information, but something else is changing the air properties, so the ECU is getting different readings from other sensors. I assume their are swirl flaps in the manifold to change the inlet air properties. Also factor in carbon build up!
I am not an expert on diesels, nor owned one. Just a little research. 

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Had similar fault with the Toyota Avensis  2.0 D4D and my latest Avensis 2.0 Diesel  with BMW engine. On both cars the EGR Valve was found to faulty. Can be cleaned it you have time. 

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