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Alarm going off for no reason

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I have a Rav4 2003 Mk2. I have a problem where the alarm goes off randomly for no reason. I have noticed when I remove the keys from the ignition there are about 15 quiet beeps, which I've not noticed before. I've just disconnected the Battery for now as I can't trust it. Any advice would be good.

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The only thing I have found is that 16 beeps mean the backup Battery (part of the alarm sounder) is defective (not holding charge).

Probably a separate issue to the intermittent alarm activation.  That could be caused by an insect (e.g. spider) activating the interior movement sensor, so you could try a thorough vacuum cleaning.

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Thanks for you reply Ian. I think the 16 beeps might be related to the problem as it happened at the same time. Do you know where the alarm box and backup Battery is located and is it a DIY job? I saw something on the web about a toggle switch on the box to disable the alarm, do you know if this is the case? if I could find it would be a start.

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