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Stabilizer/Sway bar Links and Bushing Replacement

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After testing my friend 2018 Auris hybrid touring sport, I realized my 2006 feels not as Stabil as his when cornering and driving in winding road in Alps.  So this spring I changed the REAR stabilizer bushing with Polyurethane from Siberian Bushing.  The  replacement takes less than 10 minutes after the car is jacked securely on the jackstands.   The old stabilizer bushing from TRP (original Toyota) does not look bad and I feel no difference after the replacement.  

Next, change the stabilizer links. On the passenger side, it was really hard to remove.  The hex keys starts to get seared of and vice-grip does not help either. I finally cut it with my electric reciprocal saw from LIDL and takes only 2 minutes.  

I replace it with !Removed! €23 (silver and has square 10mm) and return the KAVO €24(Junk).  !Removed! stabilizer link is really well machine, galvanized, and really-really smooth tread and nuts. The rubber is very firm and fit well.  KAVO metal part are all rounded not like TOYOTA OEM(cut link), very stiff, not smooth, painted.  Overall !Removed! is 90% like original Toyota that cost €195 per peace. 

For The bushing, don't buy GSP, the picture shows like Toyota Bushing made by TRP, but actual product has no label and much softer than Toyota original bushing.   

In conclusions: Original Bushing and stabilizer links(balljoint parts) are still really good.  Only the rubber parts are bad. Toyota sell it for €50 per corner, 2x more than Polyurethane that last much longer.  I only have 63k miles and Toyota rubber parts on the links are already swelling and cause the car like a boat.  Save your money and gets polyurethane instead, or buy !Removed! stabilizer links, and takes only the rubber if needed.  Removing the links is pain in the nuts if the tread is already corroded.  

Siberian bushing 22mm fits perfectly and very smooth, no squeaks as long as you add the silicon grease+teflon tape on the metal bar. 










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