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Toyota GB - worth contacting?


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bought a brand new Avensis 1.8 tourer in 2017. Have had nothing but niggly problems with it.  Went back 3 times in first 3000 miles and has been back for work/investigation probably 15 times since.  Nothing ever huge but continual niggles - rattles, vibrations, gear box noise etc.  Have had dash out twice to fix rattles, wires loose in doors, rear doors not shutting properly, new clutch fitted, new output shaft bearing fitted etc etc all under warranty I should add.  Dealership have been fine but they've concluded that the outstanding issues are "obviously annoying and unfortunate" but within 'tolerance' so are not prepared to do anything until the problems get worse.  The main outstanding issue is a constant high pitched whine when accelerating gently.  They can hear it but can't identify what the issue is and say basically I've got to live with it till it gets worse.  I can see their viewpoint they can't keep guessing what the matter is (they've done loads of work on the car already) but on the other hand it is unacceptable to me. 

Got to the point where I can no longer live with the car in its current state.  I like the avensis and would be happy with another one that wasn't made on a 'Friday afternoon'.  However, the dealerships obviously want to give me trade in value for mine and therefore to swap to an almost identical car would cost me about £4000.  My question is is there any merit in contacting Toyota to see if they can either better try to fix mine or provide some goodwill gesture in a switch if I find a suitable car or is that a waste of breath?  The car has never been 'rejectable' but has never been acceptable and has had so much work and investigation done from initial purchase it should be clear to Toyota that this is a long standing problem.

Anyone had any joy going to Toyota or do I just put it down to experience and reach in to my own pocket to buy something different?



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As regards the whine, it may be worth contacting them to ask whether, for example, they can provide someone to better identify what the source is as the dealer hadn't been able to.

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