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Hilux Kung 26, 2008 plate won’t come out of limp mode

Scott Mitchell

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Hi I have a 3 litre 2008 hilux that won’t come out of limp mode , I have had the hilux scanned and the fault was turbo boost sensor , the mechanic said it will be the turbo vanes sticking it will need additive mixing with diesel, and code wiping , but the code says it’s wiped on the machine but as soon as you start it, the engine management light comes on then same fault appears on the scanner , has anybody on here had a similar problem and if so how did they get round it , my nearest Toyota dealer is 20 miles away so driving it there isn’t a option, or is it looking like a new turbo, the mechanics scanner was a top scanner but he said Toyota like there software so only there scanners will pick up everything so there might be something else that his can’t read , but he said if the turbo was completely knackered his would have read it , or does anybody know if Toyota have a mobile testing team , any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated thanks Scott 

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tbh that could be any number of issues, common issue with most diesels is the EGR they get sooted up and get stuck but don't always throw a code, you also need to check the boost pipe work and the intercooler

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