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Headlight Bulbs


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Drove my daughter's 2014 Aygo last night in the dark and I was shocked at the headlight output. I did change them, but forget what I put in the car !!

I do remember when I first bought the car, I did a search on the forum for advice, I have done this again a minute ago and the Toyota Optiwhites come up.

From what I have read, the Toyota upgrade lights are basically Philips.

Can someone give me a link to the correct ones from Euro Car Parts, as there is one up the road from me and will be cheaper than Toyota (I expect).



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Could also have a look at Elta Visionpro HIR2 PX22d bulbs - claimed to be 150% brighter than standard halogen bulbs #

Amazon £23.94 for a pair

eBay around £25 a pair


# Standard HIR2 bulbs are supposedly around 70% brighter than 'standard halogen'. Some bulb manufacturers compare the brightness of their HIR2 bulbs to 'standard halogen' rather than standard HIR2 bulbs.

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Popped one of the bulbs out (see attached photos).  I'm pretty sure I must have done some research on these or got a recommendation, hence me purchasing.

But I'm still not happy with the results. So I'll be purchasing one of the recommendations from Frostyballs, can't be any worse than these.





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