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Rear disc conversion

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I own 2002 Corolla with rear drum. Converting to disc with 2001 Celica GTS. 
The problem is the Corolla is 4 lug and the Celica is 5 lug and I’m I trying to find the correct year rotor that will fit and have the right amount of lugs. 
Could someone help?

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Seems a lot of work for an upgrade that will have little effect on a standard road going car as most of the braking effective is achieved by the front discs, unless you are using it for track days ?

Expect you will also have to transfer or even modify the handbrake system and modify the brake pipes to fit the Corolla ?

You only have to look at some of todays new cars which still use drums on the rears.


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Do you need to replace the drums?  I had a SAAB that had rear drums with front discs.  Unusually at the time the handbrake operated on the front discs.  As OC said, the front discs do most of the work.  The problem with the SAAB is the rear discs were less used and eventually had to be replaced simply because they were rusty.  Is that the reason?

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