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Rubber grommet/ stopper replacement


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Hi all,

One of the rubber stoppers/ grommets on the floor/ chassis of my agyo MK1 has worn through and fallen off. For the life of me I can't seem to find a replacement name/part for it. Anyone know the best key words/ part number to search for?

Thanks in advance.




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I know you say it has dropped off, but is there any chance of you posting a picture of the area where it was? Or maybe if there's one on the other side still there, a picture of that.

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6 hours ago, Walliethefrog said:

This is what has fallen out, I know there are some in the spare wheel well but this one is out the driver's side floor.


I'm working on the basis it serves some useful purpose.



Looking at this set of diagrams and looking at the '01959' marking on your rubber bung, it looks like the full part number might be 90950-01959.


Searching that part number or just '01959 Toyota' on google does give some results on eBay.

Hopefully that set of diagrams will help you locate your part.

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