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Super strut suspension


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Hello everyone 

I have recently bought a toyota celica t20 st202 gt as a driving project, and the bushing and links in the right suspension need a replacement. however my car has the super strut suspension system and i have a hard time finding parts that wont break my bank as i see them new as kits go for up to 2000 quid 

any suggestions  :))

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Where are you located ?

Uprated polybushes


Track control links either Febi or Blueprint

arb drop  links are a common part so are cheap

The track arm is the expensive bit again Febi or Blueprint around £630 retail but can find OEM parts for £320


Edit. the full OEM kit for both sides £1400

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hello again thanks for the messeges

i have taken the suspension apart and i found out i need a new bushing/arm as the one seen in the picture. and a ABS sensor for the superstrut system, so i dont need the full oem kit thankfully. 

the part number for the bushing is OEM 48066-20061, and i dont know about the abs sensor

i live i denmark :))



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Febi or Blueprint (Bilstien group) in the uk they are around £230 (2000 krone)

48066-20061 is for the Gen 7 1999 onwards (JDM import)


PM me your vin and i will give you the numbers





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