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Jump start - auris vvt hybrid - urgent


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Need help,

Standing by my hybrid car, as it won't start.

Left internal lights on. My own fault. Do not have manual with me.

A) What is the correct procedure - step by step - to jump start this hybrid correctly?

B) Can jump starting damage the electrics or anything else? How to prevent that?

C) I am assuming my small batt is 12v????

Do I need to jump from a 12V only?

Sun is going down - and I need some help please. It's quite urgent - windows stuck open.

Grateful to any willing to help.


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  • Kojac changed the title to Jump start - auris t180 vvt hybrid - urgent

You should have jump start terminals in front of the car, next to the fuse box. You connect the wires there.

Connect red cable first, then connect black cable to some metalic, unpainted piece of the car, or chasis.

Then give it a try.

Plenty of results on google, on how to do it.


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I agree.

I have also read reports that jump starting hybrids can lead to a myriad of problems if not done in a very specific way. 

Hence me checking - in case there are aspects of this unique to my car - that I may be unaware of.

Still need help on how to do this correctly folks.

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  • FROSTYBALLS changed the title to Jump start - auris vvt hybrid - urgent

The small Battery (that is now flat) is definitely 12 volts.

You definitely need a jump start from a 12 volt Battery or booster pack.

The Toyota built-in jump start point is inside the fuse box that is under the bonnet - it is on the passenger side.  If you unclip the lid (clip is on the front leading edge), then you can remove the lid completely.  You can then see a red rectangular plastic clip, about 2.5 cm wide, towards the back of the fuse box.  It hinges at one end and has a small clip at the other end that you can operate with a finger nail, and then pivot it up.  (There is a map of the fuse box underneath the fuse box lid, btw.)

This reveals a vertical metal blade.  This is your positive (red lead!) attachment point from your positive terminal of your other Battery.  The black lead, from the negative (-) terminal of your other battery, can be connected to (clamped around) one of the suspension mount nuts that is just beyond the the fuse box, a bit nearer the windscreen.

Good practice is to put the earth (black) lead on last and take it off first when done, but this doesn't really matter.  The Auris hybrid won't draw much power before it's able to start up, so it won't take much juice from the other battery.

The potential problems from this procedure are overplayed, just don't get the cables connected wrong - positive to positive, negative to negative is what you need.  (But using your car to jump start another car is a different story - don't do it.)  It's best to have the other car ticking over whilst you are doing this, so you don't flatten that battery too.  When your car has successfully started, remove the earth (black) lead first at both ends.  Then the positive (red) lead at both ends.

Afterwards, It's definitely worth operating the car in 'Ready' (even if just sat on the drive) for an hour, or even more if you can, you don't have to drive fast or far, just have the system in 'Ready', on this car, it will charge the 12v battery at the same speed, regardless of how you are driving it.  It is almost essential to trickle charge the battery overnight at the soonest opportunity, just to give yourself the best chance of stopping this happening again. 

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I appreciate the detailed advice.

It got me up & running in no time.


I used a fully charged Battery that was lying around (fully charged) and got the car started.

Question : I have read multiple posts - that claim jump starting these cars can damage hybrid electrical components/circuits. Is there any evidence of this - or is it peoples musings?

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i cant see you being able to damage any of the hybrid electrics since the hybrid

system wont of been turned on and is effectively disconnected until you press

the START button ,

all you have done by connecting a 2nd Battery is given the car enough power to

to power up the computer systems which in turn start the hybrid system.

you dont need to have any concerns just enjoy your car.

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