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2001 Toyota Corolla EVAP leak


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Hey everyone, new the forum but unsure of the best way to fix my check engine light. I have a 2001 Corolla that is throwing code P0442. I've already replaced the gas cap so I know it's not that. I checked the evap canister and it looks to be in good shape, no dents or scrapes on it and all lines going to/from it appear to be good. Any ideas on what to test/how to know what component is faulty without just throwing money at it and replacing random parts? It has about 150k miles if that helps at all. Thanks!

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Hi ,

Seems that system is a lot more than just the canister.

As this p0442 code says, it can be a small leak anywhere in the system.

The EVAP  system  starts with an  Air inlet  Line, assume from the throttle body, going to the VSV valve, Surge Tank, then Purge Line to the Cansiter which has a check valve, then the Evap line to the fuel tank ,filler pipe and cap.

However thats taken from the Haynes manual for the 2002 -6 model, no idea if your 2001 is the same, there is a Haynes 2001 manual but if like our 2002-6 one its just a page outlining the system , no details of how to test etc.




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For those interested, I got the CEL fixed. Ended up taking it to a mechanic who said that you can't replace the gas cap with an aftermarket one. It has to be a manufacturer gas cap. They also said I needed to replace the evap canister. Since I had just replaced the gas cap (with an aftermarket one) I ended up replacing the evap canister. The P0442 code never went away after replacing the charcoal canister so I went to a toyota dealership and got a gas cap from the parts department and now my check engine light is gone. So for anyone with that check engine light code, be sure to use a toyota manufacturer gas cap!! Also incase anyone does need to replace the evap canister, I made a video showing how to do that. Cheers!


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