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Toyota GR86 unveiled.


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Definitely looking forward to seeing this , hopefully it will be coming to the U.K.  I don’t get the obsession some people have with “more power” this should have plenty for U.K. roads. I’ve only driven one GT86 and it felt as though the engine had a “flat spot”  around 3000 rpm but wasn’t lacking power , sounds like the new engine should have fixed that. New digital dash display should bring things up to date too. 

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What I can’t understand is why there is so little interest in the  GR 86 in the U.K. on here or any  of the GT 86 forums  🤔 It’s a great looking car and the 2.4 engine appears to address the torque dip of the 2.0 🤷‍♂️  

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Does anyone else find it funny that, when everyone else is moving to concentrate on EVs and hybrids and fuel efficient blah blah, Toyota's gone in completely the opposite direction making some bat-guano insane performance cars??😄

I never thought I'd see the day when we'd see car enthusiasts gushing over a *Yaris*, or that we'd see an AWD Yaris outside of Japan!! (Still gutted we don't get the jappy Yaris Mk4.... it has self-parking and AWD too!!! And it's narrower!)

I'm still secretly hoping they dust off the Yaris Hybrid R concept from 6-7 years ago and make it into a real car... :naughty:

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