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Screen Washer Jet Adjustment - 2020 GR Sport

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I have a 2020 Corolla GR Sport (2.0) and the washer jets hit the bottom of the Wiper Blades and just seem to spray / deflect everywhere but the windscreen.

On all my previous cars I have just inserted a pin into the jet and tweeked the position as required.

Looking at the Corolla jets they are more a rectangular shape with no obvious hole to poke a pin in probably due to the fan spray shape rather than a single jet.

How do I tweak them upwards slightly, before I stick a pin in the opening and damage them?



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Hi, I am not sure if they are adjustable at all, perhaps you may have some debris blocking the jet or ice formation, have you tried to clean it first , top up fresh  winter mix, now is freezing cold and this can affect the spray pattern too. 👍

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You cannot adjust them, you cannot for most modern cars with ceramic jets, they are fixed. take it back to your dealer and show them the problem, the jets are available with angles of -2, 0, + 2 degrees

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Cheers for the replies and glad I didn't just stick a pin in and try to adjust.

Will double check they are not semi-blocked and if OK, a trip to the dealer 👍



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