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I recently bought a 2012 Avensis T4 with touch and go, but although I can link my iPhone to it for calls, I can’t get the sat nav to work. Does it need a disc or micro sd card installed. It does show my actual gps speed while driving , but it doesn’t accept postcodes etc. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Ian

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what do you want to use the internet for ?? It's a standalone satnav if it shows the map you just need to put in your destination as per your owners manual

Are you sure its Toyota Touch - if it is, it's an early one


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1 hour ago, Ian.Gresty said:

Hi Jiin, the gps antenna is ok because it shows my true speed on the map screen, I am having problems connecting it to my mobile phone internet. So it cannot input addresses. 

Oh, so it work properly if You write destination address to headunits screen? I haven't ever tried is it even possible put address using a phone. I've been just connected phone via bluetooth to play music etc. from phone.

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Map updates to Touch & Go is possible only with USB memory stick. When You insert memory stick with map update to headunits USB port, the headunit asks automatically if You like to install new map version. Then You have to type a password (wich You get when You buy an update) to headunit and it will start install update.

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