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2008 4x4 Limited Oil Seal Replacement Costs $1800 U.S. ??

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Just bought a 2008 RAV4 4x4 Limited with 100k miles.  Two days after I bought it, I noticed it dropping fluid.  I took it back to the last shop that serviced the car before I bought it, thinking it was an Oil filter leak.  They tell me it is a "trans-axle Oil seal" which needs to be replaced for $300 U.S. .   No experience with this shop, so I took the car to my regular mechanic to diagnose.  My regular mechanic tells me that multiple Oil seals are leaking, which requires a Transmission Shop to pull the transmission to repair.  This would cost in the neighborhood of $1500 - $1800 U.S. .  Yikes !  Just for Oil seals ?  There's absolutely nothing wrong with the transmission !  So I post here to get some more experienced takes on this leak.  It's NOT leaking too badly at this point.  So do I have to bite the bullet ?  Should I try some lucas transmission leak (is it all transmission fluid or is this some other type of gear oil)?  Should I just buy a used rebuilt transmission ?  Thanks for any pointers !  dmypubmail

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I am guessing the vast difference in price is one garage is going for the output drive end and just replacing a rear seal. The other garage reckons on removing the TX unit and replacing all seals / gasket which is a huge amount of work. The only real way to tell is ask them to completely clean and degrease the area and go for a drive for a few days then get underneath and have another look. I wouldn't panic over it. It could even have been overfilled in the past which causes pressure. Get them them clean it off and drain the Oil and refill to the correct level and see how it goes. BTW I am not a professional mechanic and is only how I would go about it initially.

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2.4 4cyl petrol engine apparently. Most people on here are UK/Europe based and we don't get that engine (at least in the RAV4) so not sure how much of a specific answer you will get.

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