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Ok , So i have looked on YOUTUBE, seen the vid on how to change oil on a Toyota Avensis 1.8 petrol,2012 reg . Before i crawl underneath, can i ask , is there any problems with the clip on the oil filter, and do i need to do it up tight BY HAND , or should i use the tool to pinch it up .  Thanks in advance.

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I assume you have read my post on changing the oil of the Valvematic engine. I have did mine every year since 2016.

The clip is not an issue at all, plus the filter tool helps. The filter tool I got via eBay, has served me well so far. Yes tightening by hand should be fine. A few things I can add is to don't use too much force to tighten, or will need a lot of force to undo next time. Happened to me, but I have the tools to deal with that. The new oil filter always comes with a new seal for the filter cap. Soak the new seal in clean oil when replacing. I stick with the preferred grade oil - 0w-20. I am currently using Petronas Syntium 7000 0W-20 fully synthetic. 

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