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Aygo 2006 airbag light flashing


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My aging Aygo developed this issue a few months back and then went into hibernation shortly after over the winter anyway (partly dead Battery, partly just not using it), I now need to get it up and running again.

It's on a new Battery and I've tried a variety of things from searching here and elsewhere - checked connections under the wheel and under both seats and it's on a fresh Battery with good voltage (it's obviously spent time disconnected as well!)

I've noticed that info about airbags/SRS isn't something that shows up in the generic OBD connector/apps. Is it something that techstream can provide useful info on and potentially clear? I get the impression from my searches on this that the light doesn't always clear itself even after the problem is fixed.

Many Thanks,

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The code is something that requires techstream to see I take it? Just wanted to check it could show such things before I head down that route, buy the cable etc.

The Battery has been disconnected plenty both before and after various connection checks unfortunately.

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